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Welcome to Ketcham-Ripley Funeral Home

We, at Ketcham-Ripley Funeral Home, know how important it is to honor the lives of those we love. Five generations of our family have been sharing life experiences in a unique and meaningful way, a way in which the deceased’s life is memorialized through the woven memories of those who surrounded that person.

We will listen to your stories of the life that was lived and assist you in planning the perfect service which will share the memories woven throughout your lives by this very special and unique individual. We will create a “tapestry” of the life, a life story unique to only one, yet meaningful to everyone.

Honoring one’s life shows respect and love to that individual; it shows the uniqueness of one life in an ever-changing world filled with so many other individuals. We allow you to express your relationship with that person whom you loved and will always love, in so many meaningful ways, and we show you how best to celebrate your relationship with that person.

We are so privileged to help celebrate the lives of so many in our surrounding communities, and we thank-you for that opportunity. We are always here to guide you in your most difficult times, or to sit down and listen as you explain your expectations for your own pre-planned “Life’s Celebration”.

Five Generations

Read about the Five Generations of Ketcham-Ripley Funeral Home.

Thomas R. Ketcham Ethel Ketcham Carl Ripley Lucille Ripley Marcia Nelle Ripley

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